Should Nokia 6600 be re-released?

I must say that I like the original series of Nokia phones that Nokia Mobile launched, but this is OK for some phones. I had expected a higher quality finish on phones like the 8210 or 6210, which were considered premium phones at the time.

While the S30+ software used in those phones wasn’t a big deal to me, since it’s not much different from the old software used 20 years ago, I might have a problem if Nokia Mobile brings an old gem that used to run Symbian OS.

There have been some rumors, but not confirmed by any reliable source, that Nokia Mobile might bring the Nokia 6600 back to life. However, if they make it just another feature phone with S30+, it would be a disaster.

The Nokia 6600 was a great smartphone, one of the first phones with Symbian that could be called a real smartphone. Symbian 7 OS with Series 60 v2.0 UI was quite powerful and possibly the reason why the 6600 was a big success in 2003 when the Nokia 3310 and its successors were spread in all corners of the world.

This phone should be re-released as a full-fledged smartphone with a good or great camera sensor and at least Camera 2.0, which suggests that Android 13 is installed right out of the box. The 6600 had a T9 keyboard, which isn’t available on Android phones, so a nice AMOLED screen and a clever design should be installed.

If this phone is brought back to life, it could be a success if the whole project is done wisely. This should require a lot of resources, especially if the render design is followed. Also, the production line should be adjusted which means the potential market needs should be tested and proper ODMs engaged. This suggests that the chances of seeing the Nokia 6600 as a smartphone are slim.

You know what would be even better? An Android version of the Nokia N8 or N9. Maybe a smartphone version of a Nokia flip phone with two displays inside :).