Gray Nokia 9 PureView appears in 17-minute video review

Recently we saw some photos of the good looking Nokia 9 PureView in gray color. The problem with the photos was that the Nokia 9 PureView launched only in blue, meaning that the gray version is a prototype that didn’t make it to the market. We now Know the source of the photos, and they are from a video review of the gray Nokia 9 PureView.

YouTube channel published a video about the Nokia 9 PureView. In the 17-minute video, two reviewers talk about the Nokia 9 PureView, comparing it to Huawei’s flagship and discussing the camera tech. The video is, I assume, in Estonian, so I don’t know exactly what they are saying, but one can clearly see the gray Nokia 9 PureView.


How did a prototype find its way to reviewers, only HMD’s PR team knows. Considering Nokia 9 is a “limited edition” device, whatever that means, making it available just in one color makes sense, but hopefully in the future we will see a wider range of colors on Nokia devices.