Choose the Nokia 2720 Flip concept you like more (Poll)

Back in November 2019, when Motorola dazzled the world with Moto Razr foldable phone, I asked myself and you if there is a place for a similarly looking Nokia 2720 Flip. The main idea was to have three screens instead of going for a foldable one and another placed outside. The two screens inside would be enclosed by a thin bezel, and the lower one would be used as a keyboard or an extension of the main screen when the keyboard is not needed. While I like the foldable screen approach, two screens would be doable and probably a much affordable approach for Nokia Mobile.
Anyway, our good friend Eero created two concepts of the Nokia 2720 Flip. One render shows a concept that is more similar to Moto Razr, while the other render is based on my concept.


Here is the first one (Nokia 2720 Fold).

Now check out the second one (Nokia 2720 Flip II).

Which one do you like? If you like the first one, click the upvote button of the Disqus bar, and if you like the second render, click the love button.