Nokia Originals could be interesting smartphones

When foldable phones started to make inroads into the smartphone space, there was a nice alternative in the form of Microsoft’s Surface Duo. Even though the Duo did not catch on, I like the concept, which gave me the idea to build a similar phone based on the Nokia 2720 Flip. Eero from Suomimobiili helped me and we came up with a modern Nokia 2720 Flip with two touchscreens on the inside and a larger outer display.

Well, turning Nokia Originals into a real smartphone does not look that hard, but it’s certainly not easy. However, the idea of turning some iconic Nokia feature phones into a smartphone is not just mine. I just stumbled across a website that shows a nice concept based on the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music (render in the header). The concept looks fantastic. It’s a sliding phone with a large display on the front with small borders, a smaller display hidden under the top screen that serves as a keyboard or media control centre, and on the back is just a single, probably powerful camera with a LED flash.

All in all, it looks simple enough, and the necessary knowledge of how to make a good sliding mechanism has already been patented by Nokia itself. The investment could be made by stopping the development of numerous unnecessary C, G and X series phones.

If Nokia Mobile reads this, they can copy the idea :). They started the story by bringing back the modern Nokia 3310. By investing in Nokia Originals as smartphones, Nokia Mobile would chase the legacy Nokia logo carries and produce something interesting and worth attention more than the latest Nokia C12 iterations.  The real question is whether Nokia Mobile will ever try this and why not?