Classic Nokia phones still in business today

Just recently, it was reported in the U.S. that Generation Z has grown weary of smartphones. Not only are they popular in the Middle East, Africa and India, but Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) in the U.S. are making feature phones popular again. Apparently, Zoomers are tired of large screens and are trying to reduce screen time by using feature phones, or colloquially, “dumb phones”.

Digital Detox was around when Nokia Mobile entered the industry and used it as a nice marketing tool for the then rather attractive Nokia 8110 4G, a replica of the old Nokia banana phone from the movie Matrix.

The intro was necessary, as you might be surprised who is also a Zoomer. Well, the information that he uses top-of-the-line Nokia phones is not alien to the general public, but the Hungarian Prime Minister’s early congratulations to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan were via the Nokia 6700 Classic phone.

The reason for Orban’s use of the Nokia 6700 is certainly not that he is tired of large screens or distracted by the occasional 15 to 35 BrawlStars sessions. The real reason is probably security issues and the fact that the Nokia 6700 is an older technology that can not be cracked by newer technologies designed for modern smartphones.

Anyway, it’s a funny story and good marketing for the Nokia feature phones. Do you still use a classic Nokia? If you do,  share a photo of it in the comments, I’d like to see how it holds up ;).

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Source Tweeter | Via Nokia News