Video: Nice camera comparison between Nokia 7.1 and Honor 8X

BTekt did a well-made camera comparison video between Honor 8X and Nokia 7.1. Both devices are in a similar price class and share similar specs. Cameras of the two differ a bit, but mostly the difference is in the size of the main sensor (20+2 MP on Honor and 12+5 MP on Nokia) and optics. There are some differences of the front facing camera, but that one is not so relevant for the comparison video.

If you are eyeing the Nokia 7.1, or are trying to choose between Nokia and some other devices, there are many reviews out there of 7.1, but this video comparison could help you show how much did HMD improve the camera of its latest top midrange model. Truly, Nokia 7 Plus was the first sign of a serious investment in the camera department, but I’m glad that things didn’t stop there. While we are still waiting for a test device, check the video of a Btekt that will show you how good the camera of Nokia 7.1 really is.

After watching the video, I noticed that HMD is still pushing that warmer tint on the photos, but I don’t mind that. The revival of the ZEISS partnership is what will help Nokia phones create better photos and videos since ZEISS lenses are capable of providing sharper images. Btekt demonstrated that well in its video. One thing I would love to see with the future Nokia phones is a bigger sensor that could improve the zooming capabilities trough oversampling since it is bad right now. Also, Btekt did say something that we all probably agree with, Nokia still has to improve its camera software and bring more of photography features to its phones.

What do you guys think?