Nokia OZO 360 camera explained in 60 seconds

Here’s a bit of Nokia’s recent past, but nicely covered in a minute-long video by Phone Repair Guru. He somehow got himself a Nokia OZO, or Nokia’s entry into the 360 video market, which later collapsed thanks to much cheaper portable cameras being more usable and basically the lack of need for 360 video. Another good reason for discontinuing the camera, which I think is so cool that I still have it in the blog header, is its original price tag.

The Nokia OZO was a space-looking camera with an aluminium frame and a suite of software that worked wonders, but at $60000 (or 55000€) the market for it was pretty tight back in 2015. Later Nokia lowered the price to 45000 USD (and even 25K), but the power supply and memory were sold separately and cost only 5000 USD, which is a bit too much to expect commercial success.

Check out the video showing what you got for 60K. The box looks great, but that’s probably the standard for camera gear since you do not want to carry all your lenses (eight total) in a backpack.



The cool thing about OZO is that it was designed by Nokia and made in Finland. This reminds me of some high-end phones that Nokia only made in a factory in the Finnish city of Salo. The only thing left from OZO is the audio feature, which Nokia has marketed as OZO Audio and licensed to various companies, including Nokia Mobile.