#Withings #SteelHR back in stock on #Withings web store

Berlin IFA congress was the place where Withings, now a part of Nokia, presented their smartest analogue watch of these days, Steel HR. It took Withings two months to finally start selling it over its official web store, but because of high interest and demands, the watch was soon marked as “out of stock”. Withings promised that the selling will start in January, and it kind of did. If you visit Withings store, you will be able to by Steel HR, but they will ship it in 1 to 4 weeks of the initial purchase.

However, this is great news since this analogue watch has a Heart Rate monitor, and a little display that shows all the tracking that the watch is doing and a little bit more since there you can receive notifications about calls, messages, and other events. But above all, the battery of Steel HR will last up to 25 days, and 20 more on power reserve mode.

Check it out in the Withings store where it can be yours for 189.95€.