Nokia entering automotive business?

When Apple announced it will be entering the automotive industry with its own autonomous vehicle, many CEOs of classic car manufacturers gave their first comments on this matter. For example, the CEO of Volkswagen Herbert Diess said on many occasions that the classic manufacturers need to wake up because many new players will be entering the market with new approaches to car design and usage design. He also said that Volkswagen needs to change quickly if they do not want to become a Nokia of the car industry.

He also said that the quick changes in the business plan that Nokia did, saved the company and that Volkswagen will need to do the same. Apple will bring better communication and connectivity tech to the game, which will make them more dangerous for Volkswagen than Toyota, for example.

Apple car charging solution

A Turkish site also mentioned something interesting that apparently Dies is acquainted with. According to them, Dies know that Nokia will be entering the automotive industry, but the site didn’t mention the exact plans of the Finnish telecom giant.

This doesn’t mean that next to the Nokia phones, audio accessories, TVs, stream boxes, and AC units we’ll be seeing a Nokia self-driving car with a Nokia logo on the front and a tune instead of a classic car horn. Back in 2012, Nokia was searching for an adequate way to widen the use case scenarios of their numerous patents, and they started creating advanced cloud, communications, and networking technologies that could benefit the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

Nokia is working on solutions for automotive manufacturing and connected cars and roads. I think that these are the doors that Nokia took to enter the car industry and maybe they will be working with Volkswagen to create a connected vehicle of 2021 that will be smarter, safer, and more comfortable to drive.

You can find more details about Nokia in the automotive here.


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