#Nokia OZO+ now costs just $25,000

Nokia Technologies announced a significant price cut for the OZO+ VR camera. OZO+, previously known as OZO, but Nokia added a ‘+’ after a big firmware update, is Nokia’s first VR camera aimed at professionals that was introduced in late 2015 with a €55,000 price tag in Europe and $60,000 in the US. A year later, the price was cut to €40,000 or $45,000, and now the new OZO+ pricing is “just” €23,500 or 25,000 dollars.

With OZO, Nokia created an end to end solution for creating VR videos, and a lot of Companies, including Disney, are using the camera for content creation. A significant price cut may be a signal that a new version of the camera is coming, but thus far I don’t see the reason for doing an OZO 2, because Nokia’s VR solution is still superior on the market, but the competition is getting better every day.

You can buy OZO+ for just €23,500 following the link here. If you do own one, or end up buying one, tell us your thoughts about it in the comments down below. 🙂