Nokia updates the BT SIG certificate of its LD-6T BT HAIP Tag

Back in 2015, Nokia’s LD-6T HAIP BT tag passed the FCC certification process. This BT tag is a part of the High Accuracy Indoor Positioning system, that Nokia has been developing for various businesses.

Now the tag got a newer BT SIG certificate since Nokia is still selling this system to hospitals or warehouses to better locate specific equipment in real-time.

This system works with Nokia DAC, or Digital Automation Cloud system, which can also introduce delivery robots into the whole picture.

Nokia did a nice use case scenario video that explains how this technology can be used.

This BT Tag reminds me of Nokia Treasure Tag that I used to use on my car key, so whenever I would leave it behind, the BT tag would disconnect and alarm me that I won’t be able to open my car :). The BT range was bad back then, so the tag would disconnect quite often, but nowadays that also got improved so this kind of accessory could be useful again.


Anyone here used treasure tag?