Nokia WiFi app gets new Nokia Pure UI

Nokia releases and removes immediately after its latest UI design style called Nokia Pure. The new UI design is meant to refresh the UI in Nokia’s current and future software products and apps. The Nokia Pure looks so good that I’d love to see a launcher based on it, but the only way to get it on a Nokia phone is to use a Nokia app.

The only one I currently have on my phone is Nokia WiFi, which I use to control my Nokia Beacons, and the app has just been updated. The published changelog in the Play Store says that adding beacons is now faster, some bugs have been fixed, some improvements have been made, and a new UI has been applied.

This was the fastest install I’ve ever done, but only to find out that the Nokia Pure Design UI was already used in the app from the beginning of 2021 (that’s why it looked so familiar when Nokia Pure was officially announced). The only change was the welcome page, which brought a new Nokia logo and the name of the app in Nokia Pure letters.

The app itself is pretty fast, easy to use and provides all the information like network quality, number of connected devices, network speed tests thanks to Ookla and some network profile controls that allow me to reduce internet time for my kids :).

If you use Nokia Beacons (which are great for home WiFi by the way and I highly recommend them!), download the latest update from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store if you use an iPhone or iPad.