Nokia WiFi app update brings fresh UI

Nokia released the update for its Nokia WiFi app that helps the owners of Nokia WiFi beacons control their home internet. The new version of the app brings a fresh new UI, which is now rich in Nokia blue. The app starts a bit faster now, which is a nice improvement.


The new user interface is well thought out, with all the important features now placed at the tip of your finger. It is now easier to switch on a Guest WiFi network since the control for that is on the top, and also, you can easily check the speed of your home WiFi since the Ookla test is now integrated fully. It is also easy to control the connected devices, family profiles, and check on Beacons. It would be nice to change the main menus by a simple swipe, but maybe that will be enabled in the future updates.

The app is available in the Google Play Store or Apple store, so if you are using Nokia WiFi beacons, do check it out. Also, do check our review of truly great Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 which is a true saviour of my nerves.