Nokia proudly showing refreshed HQ

​Mobile World Congress is now behind us, and in addition to many great tech products, it also gave us a new facade of Nokia. The change we saw there is not just a refreshed brand, but shows a new strategy of the company that various companies recognise as Finns. In some ways, its sad to see Nokia shake off the past that made this company famous around the world. However, Nokia is not the same company as it was 10 years ago, as the company’s focus is mainly on networking and developing various solutions for companies outside the usual ones. In order to be able to sell its products to various partners who know Nokia as a phone manufacturer, the brand has had to undergo a bit of a redesign. This means replacing the traditional Nokia logo with a more modern one, replacing Nokia blue colour with a lighter tone, as well as other colours that represent different companies and perspectives (blue, green).

Here are some shots of the interior and exterior of the Nokia HQ shared by Nokia on Twitter.


Nokia made a nice video on Youtube showing how the new strategy brings a new look and new energy to Nokia’s HQ.

I like the new look and the meaning behind it. Nokia wants to make a distinction between the old logo and energy tied to the (smartphone) era, and the new energy focused on developing modern network technologies and solutions that can be offered to new business partners. In some ways, Nokia is acknowledging its past, but it is partially running away from it. The old logo is left for the old legacy which will be overseen by the licensing agreements, while the new logo is focused on a future Nokia strategy.