Nokia among top 25 fastest growing brands in the world (Brand Finance)

Brand Finance published its annual report on the world’s fastest-growing brands for the period of the last 5 years. There are two interesting details in the report, and the first is that Nokia is among the top 25 fastest growing brands in the world and a second fastest in Europe.

Nokia still has a powerful brand. The latest effort given to the promotion of 5G and careful brand licensing deals managed to launch the Nokia brand in the air once again. Nokia is now present again in the consumer market through the Nokia WiFi, Smart TV, but also licensing deals to Oppo, Nokia Mobile, and others.

The second interesting thing is that Chinese brands are dominating the Top 10 list, which is not surprising. The most popular brand is WeChat, while Huawei is in 8th place. The only US brand is Fb on 5th, and the German brand Porsche is following it in 6th place.
Check the published report here.