Nokia-branded consumer products will continue to use the old Nokia logo

Nokia showed a new, refreshed logo. The new Nokia logo looks like it is missing parts of the old name, but it is still recognizable when connected. The idea behind the new logo represents the new direction of Nokia, which is a bit different from the one we knew from the years before. It’s still the new Nokia, as its CEO said, but a Nokia like we have not seen before. This is Nokia turning a new page and making a fresh start as a B2B company, boldly moving into new business areas and customers. This move requires a refresh of the brand. However, there are still consumer products that have been created based on the old Nokia values, energy and technological progress. People are rightly wondering how the new change will affect consumer products.

HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand for smartphones, tablets and some accessories that go well with the latter, stated that “HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, will continue to use the classic Nokia logo.

This could imply that licensed products like phones, tablets, TVs, audio accessories, and laptops, should keep the old logo.

Nokia Technologies confirmed that to our dear friend Ben Wood saying: ”Going forward Nokia brand licensed consumer products will use the classic Nokia logo. The classic logo is a good fit with consumer devices given our heritage in the device space.

There are some consumer products that Nokia itself makes, such as Nokia Beacon, and these could use the new logo, as seen at a presentation today by Nokia’s CEO.

So now it’s all clear. Nokia branded phones and accessories, as well as other licensed consumer products, will continue to use the old logo. Nokia-owned products such as the new 30% more energy-efficient, lighter and more powerful Habrok radio antenna and Beacon 10 will carry the new, refreshed Nokia logo.

My original reaction was no, but now, after the emotional fogginess has disappeared, I’m all for this change. We’ll see what the future will bring us. So far it is interesting.