Nokia 2.4 in US might cost 139 dollars and be available via B&H?

September 22nd is just a week away and on that date Nokia Mobile is scheduled to announce new devices. A lot of info has been leaking online during the past few weeks and our expectations are set in 3 4G feature phones and, hopefully, three smartphones that will include Nokia 2.4, 3.4 and 7.3 (or 7.4?). The arrival of a 7.3 is more unsure, because most smartphone leaks we saw are related to the Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 3.4, and so is this one.

US retailer B&H has a good relationship with Nokia Mobile because most Nokia phones that were officially available in the United States of America were also available via B&H. The folks at B&H jumped the gun and brought up the Nokia 2.4 product page before the device is official. The product page has been taken down since, but a screenshot from the site and Google Search result cache confirm the availability, price and the color of the device for the US market.

The Nokia 2.4 should be available in the US via B&H starting November the 2nd at a price point of 139.99 US dollars (118 euro, 10,300 INR) in Grey color option. The variant in question is TA-1274 and has 32GB of internal storage. You can (try to) visit the product page by clicking here, but it was removed in the meantime. Google Cache didn’t manage to grab the product page, but the search result is still available with the description confirming the price and memory, and color option.