HMD Global is starting HMD Connect roaming service

HMD Global published a new app in the Google Play store. The app enables you to use a hassle-free data SIM powered by HMD Global, and give you the full control of the HMD Connect data plan.The starting plan price is €19.95, but the first purchase is 40% off and it will cost you €9.95 to use the data roam in over 120 countries, and on over 600 networks. The next plan will cost you only €5 more. If you need more SIM cards, every other will set you back €10. The Starter pack includes SIM card, 1GB of data, shipping and tax.

When you sign up over the app and HMD’s SIM card will be sen’t to your home address. Well, this seems interesting, and if you would like to place an order, download the hmd connect app at Google Play.