Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 1.4 receiving new updates

Nokia 3.4 received a September security patch while Nokia 1.4 got a new Android Build, which also brings the September security patch together with some improvements. The update for Nokia 3.4 is 55.61 MB in size and just making the device secure. The update for Nokia 1.4 V2.140 is 282 MB in size, and it is bringing a bit more changes which are normal for the Build type of updates.

Our reader h_1995 was kind to share what he noticed is fixed on Nokia 1.4 so I’m going to share that. He noticed three changes. The first is the Location-based night light/dark theme option, the second Quickstep which now can’t be disabled (he didn’t try to use adb), and the third change is a fix for the broken dark theme palette on the task switcher (task switcher in android GO is identical to regular android now).

Screenshots of the changes:

Thanks h_1995 for sharing this!


Update tracker is updated so is Nokia’s update tracker page.