Nokia 9 (TA-1054) passed CCC certification in China

China has a lot of regulatory agencies, and one of them, which database we can access, is CCC or China Complusory Certificate. We already saw a unknown Nokia device under the model number TA-1054 passing one of the many Chinese regulatory agencies, and now we have the same device passing CCC. The CCC certificate was awarded to HMD’s TA-1054 on 8th November, and other information reveal that the device support fast charging, meaning it’s probably a high(er) end device.

The only high end device from HMD, of which we heard of, that hasn’t been announced is the rumored Nokia 9. Nokia 9 is expected to come with a bezel-less display, glass back, Snapdragon 835, 6 or 8GB of RAM and an improved camera setup similar to the one found in Nokia 8. We already saw the back and the front of the alleged Nokia 9, and there is a high chance that the device will hit the market by the end of this year.

We personally bet on Slush17 as the place where HMD Global will announce the device, and that’s just under 2 weeks from today.

What do you think? 🙂