Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 3.4 receiving new updates

Nokia 3.4 started receiving the latest and its final Android update a while ago. However, the users of this exquisitely looking smartphone in India got the Android 12 first. Now it is finally time for the rest of the world to get it.  Well, I can confirm that Nokia 3.4 just received Android 12 here in Croatia, and the update might be available elsewhere too. The size of the V3.330 update is 1.72 GB and is also bringing a July security patch.

The device isn’t the swiftest on the latest Android. The graphics aren’t that smooth and you can see that 3.4 is struggling, but it is nice to have Android 12 on it. Maybe it is time for me to do a hard reset of the device, and then see how it runs.

Nokia 5.3 joined the club of Nokia devices receiving updates, but it is just a security patch. However, it is a September security patch of 24 Mb in size. So, if you are still hanging out with 5,3m check if the update is available.


So, this leaves 5.3, 5.4 and Unisoc devices to get Android 12. Am I missing something?

Thanks Mikko for the screenshot and a tip 🙂


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