Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 8110 4G launched in Taiwan

After coming to Hong Kong, Nokia Mobile announced the Nokia X6, or should I say Nokia 6.1 Plus, in Taiwan. Nokia 6.1 Plus will be available there with all the major retailers from August 1 at the price of NT$ 8000, or approximately €200. It will be interesting to monitor the sales of both Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus since the difference in the price between those two models is just NT$ 10. The only thing that could keep the sales of Nokia 6.1 going is a large number of people disliking the notch.

Nokia 6.1 Plus didn’t come alone in Taiwan. It was followed by the Nokia 8110 4G. The banana phone will be available from July 24, for NTD 2800, or close to €80. This isn’t the cheapest feature phone that Nokia is currently offering, but when Whatsapp finally becomes available for Kai OS, it could be considered by many people. I know I would love to use it as a primary phone, just to rest a little bit from smartphones.

Source / Via NokiaFanss