Nokia G21 gets December security patch

To be fair to our tipsters, the Nokia G21 already got the update in early 2023, but I was curious when our G21 would get it. And now, 10 days later, it’s finally here.
However, the update the G21 received today seems to be a bit larger (33.91 MB) than the one others have previously reported (24.45 MB). I am not sure what the reason for the difference is, but if you did not receive the update on January 5, check your G21 and see if it’s available now.

There are some devices receiving the December security patch that I might have missed, and I will list them below:

  • Nokia T21 (Security Update – 35.81 MB)
  • Nokia X30 5G (Security Update – 99.60 MB)
  • Nokia X10 (Security Update – 94.20 MB)

Thank you to everyone who reported the availability of the update and sent us the screenshots. We really appreciate it!

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