Nokia TA-1170 and TA-1192 passed the certification in Malaysia

New Nokia phone hiding behind the model number TA-1170 is just one among many that we could be seeing at IFA2019. After passing the certification in China and Thailand, Nokia TA-1170 passed the certification process in Malaysia. The e-ComM document didn’t reveal much, but it does show that the phone will support 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, but won’t be coming with NFC. It will also have a dual-SIM variant which is nice.

Since Nokia 2.2 TA number is known, and that is the only newest smartphone without NFC, this could mean that TA-1170 is a pumped-up feature phone, something like the Nokia 8110 4G. Maybe it is a Nokia 2720 that some sources are saying it will be announced at IFA. But, whatever it is, it is coming with TA-1192 or Nokia 110 since it passed the same certification process only days earlier.
It is good to know that the new Nokia phones are coming to Malaysia also.

Source e-ComM