Nokia 9 PureView to be announced in India soon?! *verified*

When Nokia 9 PureView was announced, we didn’t know it the best smartphone that Nokia Mobile launched will be available at all the markets around the globe. This phone is aimed at a very specific crowd, and even HMD said that its production will be limited.As time went by, Nokia 9 PV started showing up on many more markets, even in new color. Many Nokia fans from India expected to see it in the event teased for the first week of June, but Nokia Mobile just launched Nokia 2.2 there. Rumors suggested that the arrival of 9 PV to India was delayed because HMD redirected batches meant for India to Russia because of the huge interest Russian people showed for this device. Anyway, Nokia 9 PureView should be heading to India soon, and it seems that the local Nokia Mobile team is getting ready for the final announcement. They accidentally posted a teaser for the penta camera Nokia device but pulled it quickly from their local twitter account. Luckily we took some screenshots of it :).

The exact date of Nokia 9 PureView announcement for India is still not known, but this classic PR error could suggest it is coming quite soon. Then again it doesn’t have to mean anything. Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on it. Are you guys looking forward to seeing Nokia 9 PureView in the stores across India?


NokiaMobile india just posted the teaser for Nokia 9 PureView on the official twitter account. So, now we are sure that India will be seeing Nokia 9 PV.