Nokia Mobile to introduce Clean OS for its devices?

Nokia Mobile has relied heavily on Google to provide the best software experience for their phones with its Pure Android version. This used to be an exclusive club with a few manufacturers becoming able to divert their finances from software to hardware as Google took care of OS. A few years ago, however, larger manufacturers began offering two or three major OS updates, and the question of whether they can keep the Pure Android badge is finally getting an answer. According to the latest tweet from Nokia Mobile India, new Nokia smartphones, or at least some of them, will ship with a Clean OS, which is actually a kind of rebranding of Stock or Pure Android with Google Apps.

The Clean OS sounds better, as it probably offers all the Google apps you need to have pre-installed on the phone, and nothing else. Nokia Mobile has not been promoting this too much on social media, although the Nokia C21 did launch with Clean OS, at least in some ways.

If you look at the official page of this device, you will notice that it is currently the only Nokia phone advertised with a clean OS, but not as a brand. The page describes it as having “…minimal pre-loaded apps, so there’s more space for the apps and content you love…..”, which is really a pure Android.

The only new thing we might see after September 1 is Clean OS launching as a brand like PureView or Asha, and it might have a logo Nokia Mobile India showed in its tweeted video. I am still not sure who developed Clean OS, Google for Nokia Mobile or Nokia Mobile itself, but we will have to wait for IFA2022 to find out more (or less).

I can not verify this, so I am mainly giving you a construct of bits and pieces I could find in the vastness of the internet. What do you think about Clean OS?