Nokia Mobile bringing new stuff at IFA2022?

The old Nokia saved its big guns for the Mobile World Congress event at the end of February. HMD Global’s Nokia has changed its tune a bit. The MWC is still an important event to show Nokia phones along with the other Nokia branded products on the Nokia boat, but the IFA in Berlin is also the focus. IFA 2019 brought us the Nokia 7.2, while the subsequent IFA events were quite affected by the pandemic and did not bring much success. Now that the pandemic is behind us, the big events are once again becoming an important place to show the latest products, and IFA 2022 could be the right place for Nokia Mobile to show something more than budget friendliness.

Nokia Mobile has just started sending out notices to the press announcing its participation in IFA2022. The date mentioned is September 1, when Nokia Mobile will most likely hold an event and present its recently announced feature phones as well as rumoured upper mid-range devices.

There have already been many rumours about an improved Nokia mid-range device coming. Just recently the first blurry renders popped up by a Twitter account that was deleted after it and returned again. There is definitely a place for at least three new phones and most likely we’ll be seeing new G and X series with some improved hardware components like that gigantic Samsung sensor. Some code names have been mentioned, again from Marvel world, and G80 and X30 might be taking one of those names.

Anyways, it is good to see that the smartphone industry is coming back to normal and that Nokia Mobile is ready to give us a bit more than necessary but not so exciting budget-friendly models. I also hope to see other Nokia products like the new laptop from the French startup OffGlobal that resembles Lenovo Yoga.