Nokia Vision and more is coming this year

Nokia Vision
Vision as appeared in the Marvel Comics

According to information shared with us by a “very reliable source”, Nokia Mobile is gearing to launch a new set of devices this year, including Nokia Vision, some budget “Originals”, and a possible tablet follow-up. 

2022 isn’t exactly an exciting year for any smartphone brands as we are pretty much still in the early recovery stage from the COVID-19 pandemic. Nokia Mobile, however, is a sad case. It’s been almost four years since its last flagship device, and it continues failing to impress with its current offerings. When we thought something invigorating is about to change last year, the company surprised us with a rather lackadaisical launch, while even narrowing down its devices to three different low-end line-ups. 

Nokia G11 in Ice
The Nokia G11 comes with a new camera design often lambasted by fans

The good news is that they haven’t given up yet. And as per the information we received through our inbox, there will be at least four new Nokia smartphones, one tablet refresh, and three “Originals” coming our way. At least one Nokia smartphone has a confirmed model name, the Nokia G60 5G (Apollo), whilst the other three are still carrying the codenames Agent, Falcon, and Vision. All of these names are based on Marvel characters. Codename Agent perhaps refers to “U.S Agent” John Walker AKA Steve Rogers’ successor as Captain America. 

There have been rumors and leaks about unreleased Nokia smartphones for a while. And so it is possible that either one of them may turn out to be the Nokia X30 or Nokia X21. Nokia Mobile made it clear though that there will be no flagship but we are up for yet another surprise. Who knows, perhaps there is some breath of fresh air inside its Espoo office spaces. As for the tablet, it is still the Nokia T10 (Penguin), which may either be a refresh of the Nokia T20, or a mini version.

Aside from the codenames, our source didn’t reveal to us any more details regarding these smartphones. But we are particularly excited about the Nokia Vision. Judging by its name, it may be a hint at a camera-focused device. Perhaps one with the iconic ZEISS/PureView branding. Again, we are keeping our expectations for Nokia Mobile low this time, but it is still fun to speculate.

Moving on to the “Nokia Originals” line, our source told us that there will be at least three feature phones. Although we are not exactly certain if any of them runs on the smart feature KaiOS. The name that surfaced on the list is the Nokia 2660 Flip (Arae), the Nokia 5610 XpressAudio (Aquila), and the Nokia 8210 4G (Libra).

Those codenames are based on constellations, by the way, except Arae. However, it could also be a genitive case of the constellation Ara. Again, no details for each of these devices yet, but since this has started coming up, we can expect a launch anytime soon.

We thank our anonymous source for this information. We really appreciate it.