Is Nokia Mobile ready to show us Nokia X30?

Nokia Mobile is slowly getting ready to announce some new Nokia phones and some of them are not planned to be so budget-friendly. There have been many leaks and the best ones were coming from Nlopt70 on Twitter. According to him, or his sources, Nokia X21 5G is definitely being in works with Snapdragon 695 5G, OLED 6.7″ 120Hz screen, a large 5,000 mAh battery and a 64MP/13MP/TOF camera equipped with Zeiss optics and PureView tech.

This model does sound nice until we saw renders of a Moto-shaped camera module at the back. However, the same Nlopt70 released some screenshots of a new Nokia phone whose aluminium body would not be covered with polycarbonate. Could this phone be something even better than the X21, maybe the X30?

Well, it is too early to speculate if something called Nokia X30 could have an even better spec sheet than the X21. But, the French Free Mobile released a list of smartphone models that should support VoLTE and Nokia X30 was spotted there.

This phone carries the name Nokia X30 and TA-1450 model number which popped up in February on EEC. It could turn out that X30 is actually an older name for Nokia X21 5G, or it could be a completely new phone from Nokia Mobile. Whatever it is, Nokia X30 will be supporting VoLTE and more interestingly WoWiFi which is something new. This also means that Nokia settled that patent dispute over VoLTE with VoiceAgeEVS LLC.

Nokia X30 is a new name in the leaks game and surely we’ll be hearing more about this supposed phone. However, I’m prone to thinking that X30 is probably an older name for Nokia X21, but we’ll see. I’ll be super happy to know that I was wrong and test X30 with Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1 200MP camera sensor.


Thanks shunjoss for the tip, you are never late with it.