How to replace motherboard and broken displays of some Nokia phones

Nokia phones were rather simply manufactured back in the day. I remember needing just a Torx screw to completely disassemble my N95 8GB or some other phones from that era. Well, things have changed as well as the way phones are built. A lot of glue is being applied which forces you to get a heating gun or a plate and use suction cups, a plastic pick or some specialised tool to start tampering with the internals of your Nokia phone.

But, after you remove the front or back cover, things are becoming easy and you just need to unscrew and unplug parts to start replacing the. However, I do not recommend you do that and every manufacturer is preparing instruction videos so the services could know how to replace some specific part.

Technorabin is bringing us tutorial videos that will demonstrate how to replace a shuttered Nokia C30 display, Nokia 5.4 motherboard and C01 Plus display. by the way, TechnoRabin finally changed music

Enjoy the videos. I know I will 😉