Nokia Mobile released environmental profiles for Nokia feature and smartphones

When you would get your hands on a new Nokia phone back when the Finns were making them, you could notice that almost everything you get in the box was recyclable or made from recycled materials. Even nowadays, Nokia is trying to make products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. That might sound like some green activist propaganda, but a sustainable way of life, or producing things, is something that all of us should be able to accomplish. Nokia is investing a lot into green MIMO antennas, which will at the end use less energy and be cheaper for the operators.

HMD Global, or Nokia Mobile if you like, is following Nokia’s footsteps and is trying to make future Nokia phones as green as they can. Not literally though ?. Nokia Mobile just published Environmentally documents for some Smart and feature phones that show the end user that Nokia phones are made of recyclable substances, and all that could be potentially troublesome are noted. Nokia Mobile also provided info like the percentage of materials used so now you know that for example Nokia 5.1 has 36% metals in it, 22% of ceramic materials, 14% of plastics and the battery takes up to 26% of the total materials used. Not all of the Nokia phones are currently listed, but with time they probably will be there. You can check the documents by following the link to the Nokia pages.

I’m glad to see that HMD is indeed filled with Nokia spirit inside, or at least under the influence of Nokia which tries not only to connect the people but to stay connected with the environment.