MyNokia promoting latest Nokia neckband from RichGo

RichGo, the licensee of the Nokia brand for audio accessories, launched another Nokia branded product. This time they are releasing ultra-lightweight neckband Nokia E1502 which comes with a BT5.3 connection, 10mm dynamic coil and a 150 mAh battery capable of sustaining sound flow to your ears for 14 hours. This neckband has only 23.6g and it is also rated IP44 so some waterproofing is available. The buds have magnets to keep them in place and avoid the entanglement of the cable.

If you are an active runner, this neckband audio gadget might be great for you. RichGo also made them in white, grey, pink and green which is commendable. The only problem is that Nokia E1502 are now available in China and the same product should be coming to Japan shortly.

Overall, RichGo made another seemingly good product but this time Nokia covered its release on the MyNokia social accounts which is commendable. They need to put some more effort to spread the word about products with their name slapped on if they want to see people buying them.