New Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones and Essential True Wireless Earphones coming to Russia

Today Nokia revealed that the plan with its latest licensing deal isn’t making it market-specific as the deal with Flipkart is. New Nokia branded headphones and earphones made by Chinese company RichGo will be distributed and managed globally by Nokia mobile, or HMD Global, which is behind the Nokia mobile project. That makes sense since Nokia True Wireless Earphones or Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones go well with Nokia smartphones or as a part of official Nokia branded accessories, which help elevate the visibility of the brand.
For that matter, Nokia mobile just announced new Nokia E1200 Wireless headphones and Wireless Nokia E3500 earphones.

Nokia E1200 are classic headphones that can connect with your device over BT 5.0 or via the 3.5 mm audio jack that 8.3 5G has, for example.
Headphones are coming with 40mm dynamic drivers, which should provide deep lows, full mids, and crisp highs. The Nokia 1200 should be available soon in Russia for 3,990 ₽, or 43 €.

While classic circumaural E1200 might be versatile, everybody today wants practical smaller earphones like Wireless Nokia E3500. These earphones are coming with Qualcomm’s noise-canceling technology and two microphones in each earbud for easier communication. On a single charge, Nokia E3500 can provide up to 7 hours of music, and the case can recharge them three times. The earphones will be available in early November 6,990 ₽, which is around 70€.
This is great news for the Nokia brand and users of Nokia smartphones. I would love to see more official promotions being done, or at least more reviews in the media so that the Nokia Power Earbuds story never happens again, with just one review done by a larger tech site.


Thanks Aleksandr for the tip 😉