Nokia announced new Wi-Fi 6 supporting Beacon 2

After the announcement of Beacon 3, Beacon 1, and Beacon 6, the new Wi-Fi beacon is Nokia Beacon 2. Nokia announced the Beacon 2 rather quietly, by posting a promo video of the beacon on Nokia’s official YouTube channel. But, Nokia did mention its existence when Beacon 6 was announced in October 2020. The data about the new Beacon is still not published on the web, so the info about the specs is scarce and can only be extracted from the video.

Nokia Beacon 2 is bringing new, squarish look, but it is keeping the main design approach with Nokia logo and connection LED notification light placed on the front, RJ47 ports at the back and opened top for passive cooling.

This beacon supports Wi-Fi 6, just like the Beacon 6, and it is also EasyMesh compliant which means you can create a Wi-Fi mesh at your home or office space. The Beacon 2 is also coming with self-optimizing software for great quality Wi-Fi, which can be controlled over the Nokia Wi-Fi app. The app is quite simple to use, and Nokia did a great job there for all of its Beacons. There is a support for 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi networks which will ensure the great speeds of your home network.

Hopefully, Nokia will do the proper announcement which will reveal more hardware info followed by retail price and availability.

Update – Nokia did update the page dedicated for Service Providers where Beacon 6 and Beacon 2 are listed as a solution for creating Wi-Fi 6 mesh. But, besides front and back photo I couldn’t find more info about the Beacon 2. Maybe Beacon 2 isn’t aimed for consumer market at Beacons 1, 3 and 6 are.