Nokia Mobile to make 200 MP camera monster?

Not so long ago our Youtuber MrNokia or Abdulla did a nice video where he unselfishly directed some thoughts on how to build an ideal Nokia midranger towards the general public and hopefully Nokia Mobile. The video talks about something that could be real and Nokia Mobile even started asking what type of Nokia phone the community would like to see, so maybe something is cooking up.

Do check out the video since it might be a great introduction to what is coming just a scroll down.


Since Nokia Mobile announced that the flagship model isn’t in the focus of the company anymore, many started looking for the ideal midranger or affordable smartphone elsewhere. That might have sounded an alarm at the HMD HQ and the licensee of the Nokia brand started to listen to the pulse of the fans. Well, this cheesy intro is needed since MySmartPrice covered the unbelievable info from China that reports a 200 MP camera sensor coming to Nokia’s affordable flagship. What also makes this info unbelievable is the model of the Nokia phone which is going to be dubbed as the Nokia N73.

The sensor that Nokia Mobile is planning on using is Samsung’s soon to be announced 200MP ISOCELL HP1 camera. However, Nokia isn’t going to be the first to use this sensor since Motorola and Xiaomi are planning on using it also for their upcoming 2022 models. While developing something so cool as a 200 MP camera sensor and not using it in your own phone looks crazy, Sammobile writing the N73 story (yes, Samsung oriented portal mentioning Nokia) confirmed that the reason for that is the development of another 200 MP sensor which Samsung could be using it for Galaxy S23. So, phones like the future Nokia N73, Xiaomi and Moto models might be breaking the ice and using the first generation of 200 MP sensors which Samsung didn’t find too good for its flagship model.

So, here is what we are aware of and what this info is presenting. First of all, the chances to get Nokia N73 are kinda slim, but a successor for Nokia 8.3 5G is much needed. Also, we know that Nokia Mobile is planning a new X series phone for the third or fourth quarter of 2022 and now it seems that the company has first gen of Samsung’s new 200 MP camera at its disposal since this sensor is not good enough for Samsung Galaxy 23 but good and cheap enough for a propper Nokia midranger, as well as Xiaomi and Moto ones.

Also, there were some strange tweets from Nokia Mobile about what kind of phone the community would like to see.

If it turns out that Nokia Mobile is planning on making a phone with 200 MP camera, I would suggest keeping it simple, and instead of bringing multiple cameras to its camera module invest the money in computing photography, algorithms and a better camera app.


Cheers to all who tipped!