Nokia A1P is flagship phone with an in-display fingerprint scanner

As promised before, Roland Quandt, author at the portal, dug out some detail about possible future Nokia flagship.

According to him, flagship phone will come with the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, which is a logical move. Also, this device will include fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen, which is quite popular now. There have been some problems with the reliability of the scans and low latency with that type of scanners, but using thinner OLED screen made by LG solved that problem.

This flagship device is often referred to as Nokia A1P, but sometimes it is named A1 plus or AOP. Interestingly, the code of Nokia 8 Sirocco was A1N so A1P could represent another diversification of the 8 series or a closely related top model.

The camera of Nokia A1P should be one of its highlights as Roland said. He couldn’t find more info about the camera specs, but he did say HMD considered it a high risk.

The phone has been in the works for quite some time now, and it is developed together by HMD Global and its main partner FIH. Nokia A1P will be using Android P, or 9.0 according to internal documents. The precise date of its release is not known, but there are some indications it could be seen in August or September.