Photo: #Nokia #Goldfinger posing in glossy black (#Vtechgraphy)

Nokia McLaren wasn’t the only device that was supposed to bring the 3D gesture based controls to the WP8.1 platform. Nokia Goldfinger, whose photos leaked earlier at the end of the 2015, also had the possibility of controlling the WP8.1 platform over 3D gestures. Both devices, Nokia McLaren and Nokia Goldfinger were cancelled at the end of the development process. To make things even worse, Nokia Moonraker smart watch that was capable of 3D gestures, also got cancelled and was probably planned to follow previously mentioned smartphones as an official gadget. Today the Malaysian blog Vtechgraphy Today the Malaysian blog Vtechgraphy (written in Chinese) found new photos of the Nokia Goldfinger in glossy black casing and the device looks great. It shares the lines with some previous Lumia models, and Nokia McLaren, but has polycarbonate body. Its body also followed the Fabula design with clean lines with minimum buttons and openings. At the bottom, you can see an opening for the stereo speakers and 3.5 mm stereo jack, and as some older Lumias (N800, 900) had the micro SD and SIM card doors at the top of the device and control buttons only on the right side of the device. The back had that characteristic camera hump of the Nokia McLaren, but flash light was LED, not Xenon as seen in Lumia 1020.

It is really shame that Microsoft didn’t push these devices, because folks would be happy with innovative ways of controls and Moonraker would be a great addition. Also, it would give more time for Microsoft to finish the Windows 10 Mobile and push better range of devices. Well, this shows that Nokia’s hardware was way ahead of software, and surely hope it will continue to do that trough HMD’s Nokia devices.