Nokia Mobile reviving Nokia Support video channel by posting another how to video


Nokia Mobile continued pushing videos from what could obviously be a How-to series.

The video is showing how to restart your Nokia phone if it becomes slow, or soft reset (Nokia Mobile refers to it as reboot) your device if it is unresponsive. Both situations can happen to a Nokia phone also, but it is common for all the electronic devices to be restarted from time to time.


Anyway, this brings me to the point where I’m usually bringing something from the past of the Nokia Devices and Services department. Back then Nokia had a Nokia Support YouTube channel where these kinds of videos were posted. So, after the phone was announced you would get How to insert a SIM/SD card or Keys and Parts videos about that particular phone. Maybe it is time for Nokia Mobile to reactivate that channel, or just make its own with new videos. I think it is good to have official How-to videos even though the YouTube (or internet) is full of how-to videos and posts for all the Nokia and other phones. What do you think about this idea?

By the way, it is funny to see that the Google Duo app is the one creating a problem on what seems to be a 7.1/6.1 Plus doodle. Is anyone here using Google Duo at all? I’m a WhatsApp guy.