Take a tour of the Nokia booth at MWC2022

With the new CEO behind the helm, Nokia changed the way it relates to the consumer market and the marketing of its brand. The MyNokia social channels are now actively promoting all the consumer products that are made by Nokia licensees. Moreover, MyNokia channel is also promoting all the technologies that Nokia has been working on since the last MWC event has been organized.

Nokia is back on MWC and all that visit the company can find it in Hall 3, where Nokia is usually situated. MyNokia channel did a nice video tour of the Nokia booth and in the video, you can see all the software and hardware products Nokia and licensees built recently.

In just a few minutes the video presented all the different types of communication technologies Nokia has developed lately. You can see that Nokia cleverly divided the booth to cover broadband, 4G, 5G and even 6G networking technologies. There is a part of the booth where Nokia folks are talking about the green side of the networking tech with liquid cooling and lowering the CO2 footprint.

The most important part of the video for all the folks that like the consumer products with Nokia logon on is when the MyNokia team visits the part where the licensees are presenting laptops, phones and audio accessories to the visitors.

Check out the video and see how the Nokia booth looks like


It is fun o see Xiaomi picking up the spot just across Nokia.