T-Mobile to work with Nokia to expand its 5G network

Last year in August, the US telecommunications company Sprint rolled out its 5G network in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Phoenix that was built and set-up by Nokia, as per the US$3.5 billion deal they had signed in 2018.

Now that T-Mobile has merged with Sprint this year, T-Mobile is the surviving combined brand. T-Mobile’s incoming CEO Mike Sievert, during an interview with CNBC revealed that they will continue to use the 5G equipment from their existing suppliers, Nokia & Ericsson to expand their network.

Currently, T-Mobile’s 5G network runs over its 6000MHz and millimeter-wave spectrum while they plan to expand and enhance that network with the 2.5GHz spectrum as it can handle more connections. Moreover, both Verizon and AT&T also have Nokia as their 5G vendor.

This also shows the trust that Nokia develops with its business partners and the firm belief that business partners have in Nokia’s ability in creating quality 5G networks.