HMD Global coming to MWC2022 with Nokia

The Mobile World Congress is back in full force after two years of Covid pandemics decimated its visitors and exhibitors. MWC2022 definitely won’t be the same as the one organized in 2019 when Covid was a strange combination of letters, but I’m glad to see the most popular event in the mobile industry being alive once again. Unfortunately, we won’t be there to cover all the Nokia and ex-Nokia related news, but we’ll be there in spirit.

Nokia Mobile will also be different at this MWC since they are not setting up their Northern Village near Hall 3 where Nokia is located. The absence of their name on the official exhibitor list of MWC2022 revealed this. However, a bird has tweeted to us that Nokia phones and accessories will be presented at the Nokia booth. It seems that Nokia is changing the way of promoting its brand. It doesn’t mean Nokia will enter the consumer market more actively, but an increase in brand promotion can certainly boost sales of Nokia-branded devices. The MyNokia social channel that promotes Nokia consumer products and those made by Nokia itself is now the channel that calls everyone to Barcelona and is fueling the hype for Mobile World Congress.

I can only imagine how well Nokia TVs, stream boxes, phones, tablets, audio accessories, chargers, smart light controllers, and beacons will look together. This is something I imagined, and I’m sure that a true Nokia fan that stumbles upon the Nokia booth will find it a consumer paradise. This reminds me of the good old days when Nokia used to be so powerful and displayed numerous consumer and networking products in a pompous manner.

Well, those days are long behind us, and licensing deals is all we have now. The only thing we can hope for is a bit more intervention of Nokia in the products pushed with its logo. Maybe those times are coming soon.