Four things I like about Nokia G50 (video review)

Nokia G50 is a G series Nokia smartphone created for a wide audience, even though Nokia G20 and G10 have their advantages with the most important being their price. Nokia G50 is bringing great and iconic Nokia design with astounding colour effect at the back, Snapdragon 480 5G processor, large 5000 mAh battery and a capable main 48 MP camera.

What makes Nokia G50 even more special is the price of approximately 250€ plus 10€ shipping costs. At this price, Nokia G50 is a solid purchase. I just realised I mentioned the four things I like most about this device. So, let me tell you more closely why:

  1. Design – well there is a bit of controversy here since the front of the device is dull with an extremely large 6.82 inch HD+ LCD that achieves 252 ppi of pixel density, teardrop notch and that thick Thanos-like chin, but the back of the device is gorgeously beautiful. The colour effect is great and the phone is so well balanced and warm to the touch because of the polycarbonate plastic that hides the aluminium frame. The device feels like a tank, but get it a clear protective case since the polycarbonate frame will remember the scratches.
  2. (Main) Camera – I was a bit sceptical at first of the main 48 MP shooter coming with G50, but it turns out it is a capable camera that can be further improved with a Gcam app, even though you don’t need to install anything to capture great images. The same can not be said for the rest of the cameras included, although the selfie camera is good when the light is plentiful. Also, there is a good Night Shot program in the camera app that makes low light shots stand out.
  3. Snapdragon 480 5G chipset – this processor might be the most used chipset if we forget about SD 660 that Qualcomm was mostly shipping to Nokia Mobile. However, this chip is performing well and enabling people to get a 5G capable phone at a rather low price. Nokia G50 is capable of playing demanding games with graphics settings set at mid, and it is fast enough for daily tasks.
  4. Battery – I was thinking of making the price my fourth best thing about Nokia G50, but the large 5000 mAh battery that makes you charge G50 every second day deserves to be mentioned before the price. The battery supports 18W fast charging which means the phone will be topped up fully for about 2 hours.

Here are some unprocessed shots taken with Nokia G50 and downloaded from Google Photos:

Our dear Mr Nokia or Abdulla Zaki did a great video review of the Nokia G50 which basically tells the same as I did above, but you also get a chance to stare at the device.

Nokia G50 could be even better if the teardrop notch could be replaced with a hole punch selfie camera and if the chin could be reduced. But hey, then the device would be more expensive and you are always showing the back to the world, never the front.

Is the Nokia G50 the best phone on the market, of course not, but If you are searching for an affordable smartphone with 5G, look no further. Get yourself a Nokia G50 which will serve you through Android 12 and beyond.