Nokia G50 camera app can perform as well as GCam?

Nokia G50 is the most powerful and most beautiful G series Nokia phone, mostly thanks to the addition of Snapdragon 480 5G processor and some cool colour effect at the back. However, at its very core, this phone is somewhat similar to the G20, especially because of the same 48 MP main shooter that doesn’t have Zeiss lenses or any special software.

But, if you thought that Nokia G50 isn’t a capable shooter, you’d be wrong. This phone can create some rather good shots when there is sufficient light, but the low light shots are turning out good as well since the camera app shares the same Night Shot algorithm that makes wonders with Nokia XR20 48 MP shooter.

Some might be saying that the lack of Zeiss lens elements in the camera of G50 means worse camera performance, but there is a cure for that. There is a GCam app available for Nokia G50 which will make this phone a more competent shooter since Google’s camera app can do magic. But, the installed camera app from Nokia Mobile is also good enough to create nice photos. Our Abdulla Zaki or Mr Nokia did a great video showing the difference in photo quality taken with the onboard Camera app and installed GCam app. Just check the photo comparison below and try to guess which one is taken with Nokia G50 stock camera app or GCam app.

I must say that I’m surprised to see how good the photos that were taken with the Nokia Camera app found on G50 look. In some specific light conditions, the Nokia Camera app did an even better job, but the low light algorithms of GCam are still making wonders.


If you’d like to check how Google’s GCam works on Nokia G50, Nokia X10 or Nokia X20, download it from here. I’m happy with how it performs on my G50.