Nokia Mobile holds 5th place in Europe with 2% market share

Canalys, like CounterPoint before, also published a report sharing their analysis of the smartphone shipments for the Q1 of 2020. This analytical company stated that the global smartphone market went down about 13% due to the Coronavirus outbreak. All of the major smartphone manufacturers, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple, experienced a decline of shipments except Xiaomi and Vivo, which are currently holding the fourth and fifth place.


Canalys also published the report for Western Europe, where the four of the top five manufacturers also had a decline in shipments. Of course, Xiaomi was the only brand that saw a 79% increase YoY, and it is currently holding fourth place with a 10% share in Europe. Samsung is first, Apple second, and Huawei third. Surprisingly, HMD is holding fifth place with a 2% market share. HMD Global or Nokia Mobile lost 19% of the market share when compared to the previous year, but the largest decline of 40% was experienced by Huawei, which could be overtaken by Xiaomi shortly if the trend continues.

HMD Global was probably counting on the ex Huawei users, but Xiaomi’s aggressive strategy and good smartphone portfolio took that opportunity from them. The success of Xiaomi lies in the presence of devices on the European market and good pricing strategy, which can’t be said for HMD Global devices that are still not to be found on the European market, and the price of interesting Nokia 8.3 5G is a bit high for the specs.

In Spain and Italy, where Nokia devices used to be valued, HMD lost its position in the top five manufacturers. With the arrival of Oppo and Realme, it is hard to predict when will HMD global get its place on the top five list.
Source Android Authority / Canalys / Twitter