Nokia E3103 are new TW earbuds from RichGo

RichGo announced another true wireless Bluetooth earbuds E3103 that brings BT5.1 standard, a large 13mm driver and a smaller charging case. The earbuds’ shape is similar to E3101 buds while the differences are in the touch controls and a slightly smaller 37 mAh battery. These buds are super light with 3.3 grams per bud and come without ear tips. The charging case is much rounder and it has a 320 mAh battery. These buds should endure 7 hours on a single charge plus additional 25 hours through a charging case.

The nice thing is IPX4 waterproof rating which guarantees that sweat and rain won’t damage them. For those that like voice assistants, the Nokia E3103 support Wake up Siri or Google Assistant by voice.

Buds definitely look nice (in white, pink and black) and do seem to be affordable enough so everyone could have decent BT earbuds. But, I do wonder when is enough. RichGo announced at least 10 Nokia branded earbuds, and some of those are shared with Nokia Mobile. Then we have somewhere between 14 and 16 Nokia branded earbuds made by Nokia Mobile with more in the makes, and a visible confusion is created.

So, we have 26 different types of Nokia BT earbuds sold in various markets. An extensive portfolio like this might be great for the late 80s or 90s when the world wasn’t connected as it is nowadays. I don’t understand Nokia’s decision to land its logo on all those audio products which are now creating a huge mess of audio accessories. Personally, I think that just three audio products available globally would be perfectly fine, two ANC and one affordable buds.