Licensee of Nokia brand Smartlab is gone

Nokia’s licensing deal has gathered various smart products again under the Nokia brand. Besides smartphones, one could get Nokia branded audio accessories, TVs, WiFi beacons, and some smart home switches to make the use of a smart light system easier and not relying on light bulbs from various manufacturers. Nokia is usually really careful when granting its name on products, and manufacturers with a good quality portfolio and business logistics are usually granted the multi-year deal.

Smartlabs looked like one of those manufacturers, and the company started doing business with Nokia back in 2021. It seems that this licensing deal is not going to last since the company is no longer among us. This might be a problem for numerous customers that invested big sums into their smart light system, and this does include the customers that might have purchased Smartlab products sold in the US under the Nokia brand.

Nokia removed the product portfolio from their pages and Finns did that rather quietly. Nokia newer released the official statement regarding the Smartlabs, but their CEO didn’t have any comment too and he is distancing himself from the company even on LinkedIn.

I can only imagine the horror of the proud owners that have installed this system in their homes. Some are saying that all the products will continue working without Smartlabs servers, but I am sure that the community will find a way to continue using the system for a longer period.


Source Android Police


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