New Nokia ANC earbuds (TWS-731) pass FCC certification

Probably the best and most lucrative way to promote your brand and add a little value to it is the introduction of audio accessories. Bluetooth earbuds are very popular these days as they can reproduce good sound and are not as distracting or space-consuming as the classic over-ear headphones. While other brands usually launch only a few audio accessories per year, Nokia Mobile has launched 13 or even more this year alone, and it will not stop there.

The Nokia TWS-731 are new active noise-cancelling earphones from Nokia that will offer low-latency gaming in addition to the ANC feature. The buds just passed FCC certification and the full photos and user manual are available.

I am not sure if the TWS-731 are the successor to the BH-801, but that model did not win any hearts due to the not so good ANC and poor controls (BH-801 review). Hopefully the controls on the TWS-731 will be improved, although I still do not see app support yet. The controls for volume and skipping tracks are similar to those on the first Nokia Power Earbuds, but there’s still the ability to summon Google Assistant with a 2-second touch, thankfully only on the left earbud.

The case is pretty small and well rounded, so it fits nicely in trousers pockets or backpacks. The buds look like BH-801 or Nokia Noise Cancelling Earbuds, but the design is a bit more rounded. The earbuds come with two LED lights, which is definitely not necessary, but the outer one shows you the modes activated, while the inner one shows the battery charge level. The battery inside has a capacity of 35 mAh, which should be enough for up to 5 hours of audio playback on a single charge.

I never had the opportunity to try the Nokia Clarity Earbuds, but these earbuds are welcome as well.