Nokia Smart TV and Streaming devices coming to Europe before the holiday season

When Nokia announced Smart TVs exclusively in India, many Nokia aficionados around the world wished they could get that product and put it in their homes. Nokia used to stick its name on TVs back in the 90s, and many folks in Europe still remember or even have a working Nokia TV somewhere in the summerhouse. It seems that Nokia TVs will be once again available in the stores across some European countries since Nokia, according to a press release, decided to give an exclusive right to Austrian newly founded company StreamView Gmb. This company with HQ in Vienna, Austria, will be selling Nokia Smart TVs and Nokia Streamers in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. StreamVivew is planning to sell Nokia TV portfolio, which includes panels from 32 to 75 inches in diameter. Sales should start just before Christmas, and products will be available through some larger electronic stores and online through (not active yet).

Nokia’s Smart TV and Streamer are based on Android and are coming with apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, Google Play, and many more. Also, the products are featuring Google’s Chromecast for easier streaming.

Streamers, whose design differs from the one we had a chance to review, will be interesting also since that will be the way to upgrade older LCD TVs, something that elderly people will appreciate. Grandmothers and grandfathers will finally be spending afternoons without Turkish or Spanish soap operas and will be enjoying Netflix and chilling.

“Bringing the Nokia brand to Smart TV products in Europe is a significant milestone and we are excited to have StreamView representing our brand in these categories”, said Vipul Mehrotra, Vice President, Nokia Brand Partnerships. “StreamView will enable new experiences for new audiences across Europe by building on the Nokia brand experience principles and people’s expectations of a Nokia branded product”, said Vipul Mehrotra further