Nokia Chronicles are back with Xmass special

Aussie duo Adrian and Justin brought back great Nokia memories from ex Nokia and all the other people that followed Nokia since their early days in the mobile business. They again didn’t do the proper research for the special, as always, but they talked about Nokia, hated the current price tactics of Nokia Mobile, mentioned some bad Nokia bloggers and went through some old Nokia Christmas specials thanx to the Wayback Machine.

It is interesting to see how much effort Nokia Devices and Services used to put into the promotion of Nokia devices and gadgets, especially during Season holidays. Nokia Mobile isn’t even close, but that is understandable since Nokia’s D&S department was huge and had big funds that made things go on. But, they were planning carefully their PR activities, and were focused on the community, which eventually gained profit. Nokia Mobile could be the same if they bring devices like Nokia X100 to other markets, not the just US.

Nokia Chronicles guys ended the show by thanking all the guests they had a chance to interview. They are closing 2021 with this Christmas special, and I’m looking forward to their second season, where big names from Nokia are expected, like Stephen Elop :).

Click on the image and enjoy the Aussie accent.