Nokia X100 promo video has some Lumia energy

Nokia Mobile posted on YouTube a promo video for Nokia X100, which is a new X series smartphone for US carrier T-Mobile. This phone might seem to be just another version of the Nokia X10 or X20, but it is different when you check its price tag. The price is set at 220€, which is lower than X10 (and Nokia G50), but you are getting a BT5.1, 16 MP selfie camera and barometer. Nokia Mobile should have just made Nokia X10 like this and sold it for the same price.

Anyhow, since this phone is different, so is the official promo video. I don’t know who directed this video, but it looks like the inspiration was drawn from the old Nokia promo videos, something like Nokia Lumia 925. Everything is there, cool music, all the important features mentioned and centrally positioned, bits of the phone with the most important design and software features demoed.
Check out the video below, and then go back to not so distant history by watching Lumia 925 video.



Nokia X100 specs